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We personally select the best quality full grain and vegetable tanned leather by hand. This guarantees that our designs are perfectly executed, lasting our customers a lifetime. 
Full grain leather is the top layer of the animal's skin and is therefore, the most resistant and unique. This is the outer layer of the animal, it's original skin, which carries it's lifetime of singular experiences. This also means that each bag may differ slightly due to the natural scratches and marks that the animal suffered during life. 
All our leather is vegetable tanned. Among the various tanning methods, vegetable tanning is the most traditional, natural and Earth-friendly. Moreover, it is the only technique able to give your leather unique characteristics. This type of leather never wears out. Rather, it develops a specific patina during its lifetime.
Our soft lamb leather is of luxury quality and is rarely offered by smaller brands. We began working with soft leather in 2019, creating an entire new range of wonderful products  that quickly became best sellers!

And we’re not joking when it comes to our sewing methods either. Most items are saddle stitched, which is by far the most traditional, rare and durable technique out there! The few bags that are machine sewn for design purposes are put together by hand, using our top notch industrial sewing machines.
Both these solutions guarantee the highest possible quality and durability. After all, what would be the use of having the highest quality leather if the sewing is going to give in after some heavy use?
In addition to these techniques, we make sure our thread is strong and waxed, ensuring quality for years to come.


What makes Linden Is Enough so unique is the rare combination of high-quality products and affordable prices.
In addition exclusively utilizing vegetable-tanned, chrome-free leather, we work closely with family owned traditional leather tanneries. As a result, we are able to create products using the highest quality materials, for fair prices, while supporting other small  businesses like ours! We pride ourselves in cutting out the middle man and unnecessary markups, while keeping  traditional making processes alive. Creating a more ethical and sustainable supply chain and developing products that last a lifetime is what Linden Is Enough is all about!

We refer to our items as leather companions, as they are designed to accompany our customers day-to-day and last a lifetime. Every product is gender neutral, as we aim to offer practicality and beauty to our customers, no matter who they are. Our simple designs mean that our bags are easily mixed and matched, appropriate for a multitude of lifestyles, occasions, and activities.
The goal is: modern, practical and timeless leather bags.

Leather Embossing

Seeing as your Linden Is Enough leather bag will be a lifelong companion, why not make it even more you? We offer leather embossing as a way for customers to personalize their items. It's easy! Just select the embossing option in the drop down menu on the listing page of your chosen product and leave your initials in the dedicated box after clicking ‘add to cart’.
If patinas and hand craft aren't enough, this way you can be 100% sure your bag is totally unique!


Stay in touch so we can update you about new drops and deals!