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It’s not a simple task and one must be well equipped. So when it comes to all the things you will need to head off to uni, do not underestimate the importance of a top notch leather bag!

Your perfect school bag should be practical, durable, and of course super stylish. You’ll want it to be comfortable to carry around campus throughout a long day of classes, large enough to fit your books, notes, and computer, and be so well made it will last far longer than the years of studies. Oh, and of course, you will want it to do all of that and look great while doing it!

Sure, that’s a lot to ask of a leather bag, but here at Linden is Enough we have just the thing for you!


Why should your perfect school bag be leather?

It really comes down to two critical and  complementary factors: quality and durability. You will be at University for 3-5 years, or maybe more. You’ll certainly want your bag to last at least that long!

With all the studying you will be dedicating yourself to, fun you will be having, and while living on a student budget, you wouldn’t want to have to run off to get a new bag because the one you had didn’t do the trick! So choose your bag wisely!

Leather is an incredibly strong material which has been used by man since the dawn of time. A well made leather bag is guaranteed to last for years. But if it only were as simple as grabbing any leather bag off the rack…

There are a lot of bad quality products out there in our era of overconsumption and fast fashion, so you will need a bit of information before jumping the gun. Hey, you’re a student! Welcome to leather 101! Here’s a brief intro to what makes a leather bag great quality and why Linden is Enough always makes the cut:

First off, all our leather bags, both cow and lamb hide, are made from full-grain leather. What this means is that our hides include the top, and most resistant, layer of the animal’s skin. This maintains all those tight knit fibers of the hide intact, and thus doesn’t compromise the durability of the hide!

Full-grain leather is no doubt the strongest and most durable kind of leather available on the market. It is the crème de la crème of leather grades! For this reason, as you might expect, it is more expensive and rare than other types o leather. It is highly unlikely you will find full-grain leather bags anywhere other than traditional slow-fashion brands as ours, or big luxury brands with massive mark-ups.

Read all about full grain leather on our blog!

 Our leather is also vegetable tanned, which means it is chemical free, and treated at the tannery with vegetable based oils rather than the most common alternative which is chrome. This is the most rare and traditional tanning technique available and thus will almost certainly not be offered just anywhere. In fact only around 10% of the leather on the market is vegetable tanned!

Owing up to its artisanal nature, the vegetable tanning process results in some of the sturdiest, most durable leather out there. Initially its texture is more stiff and sturdy making it perfect for items that require resistance. Then, with time and use, it softens and develops beautiful patinas.

If you’d like to know more about vegetable tanned leather read our other blog posts!

So if you’re looking for a bag for college that will actually last, a full grain, vegetable tanned leather bag is a great place to start! Bonus points: full grain veg tanned leather is also beautiful to look at!

With the top layer of the hide intact, your bag will showcase all the natural scuffs, wrinkles, and unique features of that specific animal’s skin. That is so desirable and a universal symbol of quality and luxury that often brands selling lower quality and cheaper items will finish their bags with a layer of plastic and stamp it to mimic the authenticity of full-grain.

The tanning process also will affect the beauty of your leather as it creates a depth of color that artificial chemical dyes simply cannot imitate. The bag won’t have that plastic uniform look to it, rather it will develop a gorgeous and unique patina.

We could go on and on about our leather and why it’s just SO worth it, but you need to get to class soon! So lets move on to which bag is the right fit for you:


The Classic Messenger Bag

Our handmade leather messenger bag is just that: a classic! Safe to say that the Satchel is pretty much recognized worldwide as THE university bag. It is stylish, practical, resistant and filled with academic elegance.

The Linden is Enough classic messengers come in two different sizes, built around 13” and 15” inch laptops. So you can be sure you will be able to take your computer to class for note taking safely and comfortably. Inside, you will find a laptop sleeve to keep your computer nicely separated from your other belongings and extra protected.

In addition to the sleeve, the inner panel has slip pockets for your phone and other thin items, and pen holders for quick access when you’re taking notes in class or just ran into an important professor and need to ask some questions. The outer front panel also includes a slip pocket for any quick access items such as your dorm room keys or your library card.

The Linden is Enough leather messenger bags come with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, complete with a shoulder pad for total comfort. This way you can wear your briefcase crossbody, over the shoulder, or remove the strap to carry in hand. Whatever suits your needs throughout a long day on campus.

And if you have a long walk to school or maybe you like taking your bike, we have just the solution as well. Backpack straps can be added to your purchase to transform your leather satchel into a backpack! Now your hands are freed up and you have way more mobility.

Remember how we explained how durable our items are and just how important that is for your Uni years? Well, the messenger’s lifetime is even more long-lasting as this item is entirely hand stitched!

Our hand sewn items are made using a traditional technique called saddle stitching. This means that two threads are sewn simultaneously from opposite sides of the panel, creating a kind of double stitch. The result: a seam that doesn’t unravel!

Saddle stitching is extremely rare and usually only achieved by high end luxury brands, sold at thousands of dollars. We at Linden believe in artistry, authenticity, and, as always, durability, so we are very proud to offer such a rarity at a more accessible price point.

The leather messenger bag is perfect for any gender and comes in 3 classic colors that go with everything: cognac, chestnut and black. You will surely turn heads around college grounds wearing this elegant, stylish and just a little bit vintage leather bag.

Moreover, once you’re ready for a summer internship or have graduated and started your first job, this bag will perfectly transition into your professional life! It is completely office appropriate and will help jumpstart your career (at least as a trendsetter)!


The Soft Leather Tote Bag

Now here is a real head turner! Our best selling Maxi Soft Leather Tote Bag is a must-have and a staple item in anybody’s wardrobe. No matter your age or walk of life, the tote always proves itself to be extremely practical and stylish. Why would it be any different for Uni?

Our leather tote is made from ultra soft lamb leather. As, as you know, it’s vegetable tanned, which means with time the already malleable and buttery feel will just become softer! Not to brag, but the softness of our leather tote bag is really second to none.

Lamb leather is very sophisticated and certainly makes a statement, as it is an expensive and rare material that most often is offered only by high price luxury brands. If you’d like to know more about lamb leather make sure to read our blog post about it.

The soft leather tote is that kind of bag that people see from afar and just instinctively want to reach out and touch. And once they start they can’t stop. It just feels so nice against your skin! But ok, ok, there is more than texture that justifies this love affair.

This oversized leather tote is HUGE! It is the perfect size for a long day out of the house because it is so large that you will no doubt fit all your needs into it. We really cannot stress enough just how much you can pack into this bag.

Your laptop, notebooks, water bottle, chargers and gadgets, a jacket. If you wish, you can get your sneakers and athletic clothes in there as well if you’re rushing from class to your sports club or the gym! Don’t forget that outer slip pocket which keeps any more important items at hand for quick access.

Don't be mistaken however, it might be extra large, but it's still incredibly lightweight. And that’s pretty important if you’re rushing from one class to another. You’re already carrying a heavy load of books and papers, you definitely don’t need the extra weight of your bag.

 All that softness and being light as a feather, this is the perfect bag to take back home during the holidays as well. Our vegetable tanned full grain lamb leather is so flexible that the bag can be easily folded or rolled up to fit into your luggage when you’re going on a weekend trip with friends or heading home. And thank goodness, how can you spend the holidays without it after becoming completely addicted all semester long?

The tote will easily become your college it bag. Just be careful not to start a trend as surely your peers will be asking where you got it! It is a classic and like all Linden designs, completely timeless. So it goes with everything! And if you’re the type who likes to make bold statements, it comes in 6 different colors: cognac, chestnut, black, white, red, and yellow!

The Linden philosophy is based on durability, we create bags to last a lifetime. So once you graduate and are off to start adulting, this bag will still be your best friend! Thats the thing, no matter your age or where you’re headed, our soft leather tote bag is a keeper!

We also have the tote bag in a medium size in case you don’t need all that extra space and find the large just a bit too big. If you feel you would like any further adjustments to what we already offer, such as a different size, or the addition of a zipper closure, for example, make sure to contact us to get a quote for a custom order. We are always happy to accommodate.


The Overnight Tote with Zipper

Now let's say you are a different kind of student. Maybe you study art or architecture so need to carry around lots of tools and craft items. Or you might be into loads of clubs and societies. Or maybe you are the sporty type?

Either way, if you have more things to carry and spend longer hours away from your student halls, maybe the Overnight Tote with Zipper is the best choice for you. It has a vertical shape and complete with a ykk zipper, is functions as an everyday tote that easily doubles as a weekender bag. 

Like the soft leather tote it is made of our buttery soft lamb leather. Ok, you get it, we love that! But instead of having double shoulder handles it has shorter ones, to be carried in hand. It could be thought of as a portfolio bag, messenger bag, tote bag hybrid! You can also transform it into a shoulder tote or carry it crossbody by attaching its removable, adjustable leather strap

This multi function leather bag is ideal for students who travel often. If you are a student in the USA who goes home for the weekends, or is you study here in the UK but take advantage of low cost flights to explore different countries, this bag is great for you.

On its own it will be large enough for a shorter weekend trip, don’t you worry. But if you need to take more than a single carryon, you’ll be delighted to know about the luggage sleeve on the bag of our Overnight Tote.

This means when you’re dashing through the airport to catch that flight, you can slip your wheeled bag’s handle through the sleeve for more freedom of movement. Yes, yes, we think of everything!

This bag comes in out classic 3: cognac, chestnut, and black. But if you’re looking for a pop of color do get in touch and we will se what we can do about a custom order in white, red, or yellow!


That’s it for Leather 101!

We hope you enjoyed your lesson today and found the perfect leather bag for your University experience! And remember, these bags will last a lifetime, so you might buy yours for school, but you will be able to make good use of it for many more years to come!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help our customers make better and more informed purchases!

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