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Linden Is Enough Blog

Best leather bags for University

12 min read -  We can picture it now: dad is finding a parking spot near your dorm building, you're going to have to learn how to cook (aaah), mom is already tearing up… that’s it, you’re off t...

Stylish leather bags for the office

10 min read -  Dragging around a laptop bag in one hand, a purse over the shoulder, gym bag crossbody, lunch bag in the other hand… we’ve all been there and know that when it comes to finding the p...

The History of the Tote Bag

4 min read - The tote bag perfectly combines beauty and practicality and is all the rage right now. whether used as an eco-conscious ant-plastic statement or as a fashion accessory, the classic tot...

Why you need a Soft Leather Tote right now!

7 min read -  Whether you are a university student, work in an office, or just enjoy long days out and about, trust me, you need a Linden is Enough Soft Leather Maxi Tote! and we’ll tell you why.

Why we love lamb leather

8 min read - Here at Linden Is Enough we are proud to work with lamb leather and offer our customers such a high end handmade leather bags. But what is it about lamb leather that is so special afte...

Best leather travel bags for the perfect holiday

8 min read - If you’re looking for a travel bag that will last (and last, and last) while also making your holiday mates jealous, you will certainly want one of these!

How to shop for the perfect leather bag

15 min read In an era of fast fashion and overconsumption its not always easy to shop in a conscious manner. there is an excess of low quality products and misinformation out there and we see it as...

The soft leather crossbody pouch

4min read - The Linden Is Enough pouch is a small ultra practical saddle bag that we designed with your everyday needs in mind.

Classic, classy, monograms!

3min read - Learn all about our personalization options and why embossing is a great way to add that extra individual touch!


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