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You likely know by now that all our bags here at Linden Is Enough are entirely handmade using super unique and high quality vegetable tanned and full grain leather, which means they are each one of a kind. But why not take that uniqueness and authenticity one step further by personalizing your leather bag with a hand stamped monogram?

By embossing your leather bag you truly make it your own. Or, if you’re gifting someone special, you can add this extra personal touch to show your loved one just how much you care. Monograms give your item a thoughtful and classic touch that no other personalization can really match.


Leather bag embossing


How are Linden Is Enough leather bags embossed?

Here at Linden Is Enough, like everything else we do, our embossing is done by hand. Our master craftsmen line up the selected monogram manually and apply a great deal of pressure using a specialized embossing press. This allows us to get nice and deep into the leather to create a gorgeous effect on either our lamb leather bags, such as our soft leather tote, fold over clutch, and crossbody pouch, or our cow hide items such as our classic messenger bag, leather duffle, or weekender.

You can select to engrave up to 3 capital letters in Calibri 13mm. As seen in the photo bellow, for each letter of your monogram we have a specially made stamp. We then align each letter of your selected sequence to emboss. It is a delicate and meticulous process which takes skill and experience to get just right!


Leather embossing personalized initials


How do I add embossing to my order?

When shopping for any of our items, let's take for example our bestselling Soft Leather Tote Bag, you will see a drop-down menu on the right hand side of the product listing where you can select to add embossing or not. Next, once you add the item to your cart a pop up will appear requesting you to reconfirm your choice and let us know what letters you would like monogrammed into your bag.

Make sure you fill in this section so that your order is not delayed and that you type in the letters just right!


Can I emboss a custom symbol, such as my company logo?

For typical orders we only emboss capital letters in Calibri, 13mm. However, if you are looking to make a larger purchase to serve as, for example a corporate gift, and would like these items to be specially embossed with a unique symbol or logo, we would be happy to discuss. To make this happen please contact us with to let us know what it is exactly that you are looking for.

Next, a special stamp would have to be created by our suppliers for your specific needs - the cost of this will vary depending on the size and complexity of the symbol.


What other customizations can I add to my leather bag?

If you are looking to customize your bag further, such as adding a zipper or pocket, for example we are happy to discuss and see what can be done. We can even discuss a completely unique design if you just can’t find what you are looking for on the market. 

In the past we have had very satisfied customers request alterations of our leather briefcase because their laptop was extra large. Other customers were in love with our oversized leather tote bag but requested the addition of inner lining and a zipper so that it could become a diaper bag for their baby’s needs.

Just send us an email explaining what it is you would like and receive a quote for your custom bag. This is the beauty of working with entirely handmade craft! We can tweak designs and really explore all the possibilities of our already gorgeous items.

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As a small business committed to growth and quality, we wanted to inform you that we will be adjusting our prices in the coming weeks to better support our expansion and our desire for continued improvement. In a gesture of transparency, we would like to give customers the opportunity to purchase Linden Is Enough bags at their current prices before the increase takes effect. Sign up to keep up with future announcements.