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Our homemade beeswax leather cream acts as a natural water repellent and conditions your leather.


Whether you’ve just purchased one of our handmade leather bags or have other items at home craving some love, we’re sure you’re wondering how to make your leather last and age gracefully.

Our top tip definitely would be to make good use of the Linden Is Enough leather beeswax cream that came as a gift with your order. It’s completely natural and homemade and will work wonders on your leather, whether it’s a cow hide bag such as our duffles or messengers, or soft lamb leather as seen on our totes and smaller bags.

We recommend re-applying the beeswax cream every 3-6 months or after being exposed to water. Follow the steps bellow:

  1. Make sure the leather is bone dry before using the cream.
  2. Gently work a thin coat into the leather and seams using a soft, clean, and dry cloth.
  3. Wipe off excess and buff to a shine with dry flannel cloth or horsehair brush.

How often you should condition depends on usage and climate, so make sure to pay attention to for example any brittleness or dryness developing.

There are a variety of leather care products on the market, but when choosing the best for you make sure to avoid products that contain paraffin and other chemicals, always stick to natural ingredients to treat natural materials.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are always here to help!

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