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First off, your office-appropriate bag should be large enough to fit all your needs. Laptop? Check! Notebooks and papers? Check! Phone and chargers? Check! Whater bottle? Check, check, check!

At the same time, it should be elegant and stylish enough to carry with confidence from interviews and meetings to lunches and happy hour. Plus, it must be durable and top quality to endure your daily comutes and truly last throughout your career!

Don’t forget comfort! A lightweight bag with comfortable straps is a must if you're running around during a busy work day. No one wants to learn the hard way that their bag was too heavy to begin with, before filling it up with documents and gadgets.

We know how difficult it is to find a work bag that is both chic and laptop friendly. But, no worries, we have just the thing for you!


A Linden is Enough work bag will last!

Before we go into each item and their specifications, it’s important to note that all Linden is Enough bags will last, no doubt about it!

To begin with, all our bags are made from full grain leather. To keep it short, full grain leather is the result of a hide containing the top layer of the animal’s skin (here at Linden we work with cow and lamb leather). This is the best quality grade of leather available on the market and definitely the most durable! If you’d like all the details, make sure to read our blog post: What is full grain leather. It will help you understand and compare to other leather grades.

All our leather is also vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanning is the most traditional and earth-friendly leather treatment there is. It results in many gorgeous qualities such as texture and color, but in addition to that, as it is so artisanal in nature, the vegetable tanning process produces some of the sturdiest, most durable leather available. We also have an article all about vegetable tanned leather if you would like to learn more.

When it comes to quality, Linden is Enough is second to none. That’s because durability is core to our brand philosophy. We believe in creating items that will last a lifetime and be passed on over generations. Our goal is to develop items that customers will wear for years, that don’t go out of style, and transition smoothly throughout the day, reducing the need for excessive buying. It’s all about slow fashion and timelessness.

All that goes for your leather work bag as well. We want you to pick a bag wisely and make a truly informed decision. We want to know our customers are pleased with their items and that their bags are truly serving their purpose! As you evolve within your career, your bag will go along with you, as a true companion.

So which Linden is Enough handmade leather bag is ideal for your office? Let’s have a look:


The Soft Leather Tote Bag

Why not start with a best-seller and customer favorite? Our Soft Leather Maxi Tote Bag is a great addition to anybody’s wardrobe as it’s extremely practical, classic and absolutely beautiful.

The soft leather tote is perfect for a long day out of the house because it is so large that you will no doubt fit all your needs into it. We really cannot stress enough just how much you can pack into this bag. Your laptop, notebooks, water bottle, chargers and gadgets, a jacket. If you wish, you can get your sneakers and gym clothes in there as well! Don’t forget that outer slip pocket which keeps any more important items at hand for quick access.

This bag is made of soft lamb leather, which means it is extremely soft to the touch, flexible/foldable, and impressively lightweight. Lamb leather is also very sophisticated and certainly makes a statement, as it is an expensive and rare material that most often is offered only by top price luxury brands. If you’d like to know more about lamb leather make sure to read our blog post about it.

The lightness of this bag makes it ideal to carry on long busy days. And if need be, it is easily folded up to be stored away into another bag or your travel luggage. Moreover, the lamb leather is so soft and malleable that the straps will surely fall comfortable on your shoulder, no digging in, no matter how much you are carrying.

The soft leather tote bag design is simple and timeless, which means it goes with everything, is easily styled, and won’t go out of fashion. It comes in 8 different colors: cognac, chestnut, black, white, red, yellow, green and blue jeans So if you’d like to change it up a little, winter to summer, or just according to your outfit that day, you have plenty of options. Trust me, we’ve had many a customer return to get the same bag in another color.

We also have the tote bag in a medium size in case you don’t need all that extra space and find the large just a bit too big.

Our lovely leather tote is a real head turner and we are sure many of your work colleagues will be asking where they can get their own!


The Classic Messenger Bag

Now, lets say you’re looking for something a little more classic. Look no further: meet our Handmade Leather Messenger Bag! Now this is the perfect briefcase combining elegance and practicality at its best.

The Linden is Enough classic messengers come in two different sizes, built around 13” and 15” inch laptops. Inside, you will find a laptop sleeve to keep your computer nicely separated from your other belongings and extra protected. In addition to the sleeve, the inner panel has slip pockets for your phone and other thin items, and pen holders for quick access when you’re at a meeting or bump into an important client on your way to lunch.

The outer front panel also includes a slip pocket for any of your more quick access items or important documents that you might need to get a hold of more quickly.

The messenger bags come with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, complete with a shoulder pad for total comfort! This way you can wear your briefcase crossbody, over the shoulder, or remove the strap to carry in hand.

Additionally, if your commute requires a bit more freedom of movement, say you ride your bike to work for example, we offer the option to add backpack straps to your purchase! It can’t get much more practical than that, can it?

Remember how we explained how durable our items are? Well, the messenger is even more so as it is entirely hand stitched! Our hand sewn items are made using a traditional technique called saddle stitching. This means that two threads are sewn simultaneously from opposite sides of the panel, creating a kind of double stitch. The result: a seam that doesn’t unravel!

Saddle stitching is extremely rare and usually only achieved by high end luxury brands, sold at thousands of dollars. We at Linden is Enough believe in artistry, authenticity, and, as always, durability, so we are very proud to offer such a rarity at a more accessible price point.

This item is perfect for anyone who is looking for that classic, elegant, more vintage like style.

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